Indie Author Consignment

Miss Read Books is proud to support independent authors by offering a consignment program which allows us to feature a wide variety of self-published and small press authors. While we wish we could take every book, the realities of being a small business mean that not every book submitted will be accepted for consignment. Miss Read Books is currently only considering professionally written, edited, and produced books from authors and illustrators who embody the Miss Read Books attitude and brand.

Please read the below before submitting your work for consideration.

First Step

General Consignment Information and Guidelines (full details available on consignment agreement)

  1. We are only accepting consignment submissions from women and non-binary folk who identify on the femme spectrum and who also identify as a person of color. 
  2. Miss Read Books will pay 60% of the retail price for consignment items sold. Miss Read Books retains 40% as sales commission.
  3. Authors who participate in our consignment program must provide a link to the Miss Read Books website on all author and/or book websites. 
  4. The basic handling fee for consignment books is $30.00 per title.
  5. We will initially take 3 signed copies of each consignment title. Miss Read Books will stock books for a minimum period of six months that can be extended indefinitely at the store’s discretion.
  6. Books not sold after the end of the initial six month trial period will be returned to the author or donated, per the author's choice if Miss Read Books chooses not to extend the terms of consignment.
  7. TIP: We are only accepting books in the following genres: poetry, self-help, healing, contemporary literature, action, adventure, romance, fantasy, sci-fi, horror, thriller, paranormal, and urban. If you aren't sure if your title is a good fit, please email​

Second Step

Please fill out the form below if you wish to have your title considered for consignment. If you are consigning multiple titles, please fill out a form for each individual title.

Next Steps

After sending in your form, please allow 4-6 weeks for Miss Read Books to read and review your book before a consignment decision is made. If your title is accepted for consignment, you will be sent a consignment agreement. Upon signing the contract, we will request an author bio and onboard your title onto the Miss Read Books site after each party has received a copy of the signed agreement for their records.

Read our tips below on how you can help encourage the sales of your book.​

Marketing Your Book

Congratulations! Writing a book takes an enormous amount of dedication and determination -- so whether your book is accepted for consignment with Miss Read Books or not, please know that we applaud the effort and creativity you've put into your creation so far. But now that you've written your book, it's time to sell it! Here are some things to consider when you think about marketing your book in our store - remember, we want all of your hard work to be rewarding, both for us and for you.


  • Quality
    • Is your book as perfect as possible? Spelling, grammar and typesetting count. If you are self-published, the company that prints your book may offer proofreading, or even a fair amount of editing, for a fee. Traditionally published authors have the resources of an entire publishing house behind them! And since readers are picky, it's in your best interest to put your best foot forward on the (proverbial) page.
    • Ensure your book meets standard design and formatting standards. The title and author name should be printed on the book’s spine and it should have an ISBN barcode printed on the back cover. 
  • Pricing
    • Select an affordable publishing company so you can price your book reasonably within its genre. (We love IngramSpark or LightningSource).
    • In order to sell, your book should be priced at or below the cost of other books of its size and sort. It’s easy to see how your book compares by browsing your local bookstore. Be sure to keep this in mind throughout the process of creating your book that you will also have to pay at least the industry standard discount to bookshops who stock your book, and for marketing so readers know your book is available. 
  • Cover Art
    • Yes, it really is true. People do judge a book by its cover!
  • Promotion
    • Create as professional an author bio and press release as you can to tell your story.
    • Contact local and regional media and use mailing lists, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to let people know you’ve published a book and it’s available at Miss Read Books.
    • Send out press releases, review copies and other promotional materials to local media and any other organizations with which you are affiliated.
    • Tell friends and family and send them to the store for copies - this generates the all-important buzz that generates more sales.
    • Branch out. How about high school and college alumni associations? Your writers group? Part of any hobbyist clubs? Your church? Everyone you can send to the store for copies generates traffic and word-of-mouth for your book!
    • Consider planning an virtual event. Miss Read Books is more than happy to host and arrange a virtual event (Q&A, book readings, etc) in collaboration with the authors we proudly stock. Book signings are a great way to gather all of the folks you’ve been marketing to at one time - and crowds attract crowds. Bookstores are well connected to the readers in their communities and we occasionally arrange book signings for self-published authors whose books are selling well in our store.

Miss Read Books also offers manuscript development, editing, and cultural/sensitivity consultation services on a case-by-case basis for a fee. If this is a service you're interested in learning more about, please contact