#Shelved 16 | Book Review: Run Time By SB Divya

A determined competitor.

One hell of a race.

Crazy cool biotech.

RUN TIME is a snackable glimpse into an insightfully written vision of what humanity's future could look like. What would human biotech look like? How far can we change our humanity and still be human? Is the goal even to be human, or is it to thrive in a world where only the few succeed? There's a ton of interesting questions the book raises and I know I'll probably be mulling them over for a while.

In this version of the future Divya's crafted, humanity has been split into citizens who have access to the 'luxuries' such as education, food, and medicine and non-citizens who do not have easy access to those things. In this world, survival is a struggle, unless you happen to be one of the lucky few to place top five in the the annual Minerva Sierra Challenge -- a foot race across wilderness terrain those with biotech enhancements compete in. One of the biggest races in the world, placing means an opportunity to win prize money, status, brand deals and more. Who competes in these races? The rich, usually...but this book's about the underdog!

The book's protagonist Marmeg is *thee* underdog to root for. Her biotech enhancements are pilfered from rich neighborhoods, she builds and fixes her own hardware, she codes, and she's determined that this is the year she'll place in the top 5 of the Minerva Sierra Challenge to raise her family out of poverty. Marmeg's got a lot riding on this race and following her path as she competes is totally thrilling to read. I love a character who has to dig deep within to find what they're really made of! Of course, there's no good story without some conflict, so expect to see Marmeg not only struggle through the competition, but also with the expectations her family have for building a more 'practical' life. RUN TIME was a fabulous, quick read and one I'd recommend to fans of sci-fi that's in a similar vein to something like Star Wars.

If you'd like to read more about or purchase a copy of RUN TIME by SB Divya, please click here.

P.S. If, like me, you're already a fan of SB Divya, I highly recommend reading Escape Pod: The Science-Fiction Anthology, which also has a short story by SB Divya!

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