#Shelved 11 | Last Tang Standing Book Review

Happy New Year! It's 2021 (finally) and I'm so ready to make this year a good one. That includes, of course, starting the year off right with a good book. This past week's shop pick was LAST TANG STANDING by Lauren Ho. If you're looking for a delightful, light-hearted romantic comedy (escape, really) -- this is the book for you!

I am so DELIGHTED to report that Lauren Ho does a fantastic job crafting a realistic, slow burn romance that'll pull you in and have you so invested in the characters that you'll be hollering encouraging words at the characters in the book. Or, at least that's what I did.

Now let's talk about what makes the book really fun -- Andrea Tang. Readers, this protagonist will have you laughing. She's funny, lives a life most of us only dream of (she's a high flying lawyer, used to her comforts), and a loyal friend. Unmarried and thirty-three, Andrea faces an overwhelming matrix of influences dictating where she should work and who she should love.

We see Andrea struggle with the expectations her mother and family have for the man she'll eventually marry (because as Andrea explains, it's not really a choice not to get married and have babies) and we also see how her crushing experiences at work have shaped her into someone who strives for success in every avenue of her life. Through it all, Andrea retains an unflagging sense of humor even when reacting (very relatably) poorly to people/experiences/problems outside of her control. Andrea holds it all together as respectably as she can and being the reader, we get a special insight into how the influences shaping her life have affected her attitudes towards romance, family, and work.

Overall, Ho's a wonderful writer -- the story is modern, takes place in a fabulous and unique location (Singapore!), feels sexy (but it's not graphic), and humorous. Really, there's not much more I could ask from a romantic comedy! The romance feels realistic and even better, it feels satisfying. Andrea has to go through a lot of change in order to be ready to listen to what her heart is telling her and when she finally does, it feels so worth it. If you're reading this Lauren Ho, we're ready for the sequel! (Please & thank you!)

If you would like to read more about or purchase a copy of LAST TANG STANDING by Lauren Ho, please click here.

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