#SHELVED 05 | Sister Mine Book Review

Urban fantasy fiction.

Beach worthy.

V relatable main character.

Demigods & instruments that come alive.

A deeply satisfying ending.

^^^ If any of the above pique your interest, you’ll get along wonderfully with Nalo Hopkinson’s Sister Mine.

I love books with main characters that feel like they could be your cool best friend and that’s exactly what Sister Mine delivers. Throughout the book, we follow the exploits of a very *unspecial* young woman named Makeda. Her claim to fame is being born attached to her twin sister Abby, but not also being gifted with the magic coming from their father’s side of the family — this becomes a big deal when you learn that that side of the family are pretty much demigods. It’s hard not to fall in love with Makeda. She’s witty, uncovenventional, and loyal to her sister despite their arguments. Makeda wants what I think most folk want — to feel special. Not in a pretentious way, to be clear, more like “I just want to feel worthy of this life I was given and prove them wrong”. A completely sympathetic point of view, especially in light of the intimidating family of demigods she is a part of. Because she lacks the mojo, her relatives refuse to see her as equal. Makeda wrestles with this mostly alone throughout the book and for good reason (which you’ll have to read the book to find out about! 😉)

Nalo Hopkinson had a wonderful grasp of prose. Hopkinson builds bright, poppy characters who inhabit a world that reflects their ‘mojo’ whilst still feeling relatable and accessible. In other words, this book’s got some substance, but it also makes a great beach read. There’s also a solid sense of humor woven through the book which I love. When stakes are high (like say, your demigod father goes missing), humor is excellent reminder that there are certain mundanities one will encounter regardless. Which personally I find comforting!

Overall, Sister Mine by Nalo Hopkinson was a breezy, fun read with enough relatable substance it kept me engaged even throughout the nightmare of waiting to discover who the next US president will be. Urban fantasy fiction isn’t something I normally reach for first, but Sister Mine has me reevaluating! V excited to read the rest of her books.

If you’d like to learn more about or purchase Sister Mine by Nalo Hopkinson, visit here!

***CW🚨- this book features unconventional relationships (i.e. incest) between some of the main characters in the book and some graphic sexual descriptions. Definitely not child friendly!***

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