#SHELVED 04 | Do You Dream Of Terra-Two Book Review

Like space sci-fi? Wondering what you should read next? Read the official Miss Read Books review of DO YOU DREAM OF TERRA-TWO by Temi Oh - you may just discover your next favorite book.

Hello lovely readers!

If you’ve been waiting for this book review — I’m sorry! As the sole owner/employee of this lil outfit, occasionally I’ll overestimate how fast I can consume a book (readers, if you can relate please raise your hand). Oh the joys of having too many pages and always too little time!

But nevertheless, I finished the thing and reader, I am so glad I did. DO YOU DREAM OF TERRA-TWO is definitely a page turner despite its 500+ pages! That said, I’m more taken with the fact that this is Temi Oh’s first published novel. Through a revolving cast of perspectives, Temi Oh achieves a brilliant feat — when you read this book, it feels as close as one can get to actually soaring through the stars. Oh captures the spectrum of human emotion through lovingly wrought, dynamic characters. Fear and regret become characters in book, constantly shifting form in the spirits of the young astronauts on a one way mission. Oh describes the true reality of such an extreme undertaking — even with the joy of accomplishing a dream, fear and regret are inescapable. Now, if that sounds dour, hear me out. Oh’s not depicting a journey of unending doom, but rather proposing the human realities we faced when asked to make decisions that we value nearly more than anything else. In this way, this impossible, beautiful journey the young crew embarks on feels grounded because Oh graciously allows us into the very human (read: very relatable) emotions that make us who we are.

One thing I will always love about sci-fi and speculative fiction are the imaginative variations of what a future could look like for our society, a top Oh explore thoughtfully throughout the book. Individualism amongst the crew is what makes them great — each has their own strengths that benefit the crew. But when individualism bleeds into selfishness and hyper competitiveness, it can become toxic to them as well. In order to survive the necessities of surviving the brutal uncaring of space, the young astronauts are forced to act as a family. Despite the personal fears and traumas they experience and relive on their journey, team work quite literally is what makes the dream work in order for them to get to their new home called Terra Two.

Tl:dr Pretty book cover. A diverse crew (no tokens here!) Space sci-fi. Danger at every turn. A fab cast of young people who *aren’t* dummies, beautiful descriptions of what humankind could be capable of —of course I loved it!

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