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Turns out...there isn't!
The most recent research (thanks science!) conducted to answer this question comes from the brilliant minds of the researchers from University of California Berkeley's Gallant Labs. When they took a close look at brain scans comparing subjects who listened to stories from The Moth to subjects who read the same stories. When they analyzed the data from the brain scans they collected, researchers saw the same cognitive and emotional spots light up.

Yes friends, you read that right.

Science tells us our brains, regardless of medium, interpret listening books in a very similar fashion as it does when you're reading one. And let's face it -- whether you're listening or reading, it doesn't change the fact you're taking the time to practice a very valuable and oft-overlooked act of self care in the midst of a society that demands we work until we fall apart! And with that said my lovely readers, I've got some AWESOME news for you (just ICYMI) --

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