Are You Feeling #MissRead? This is for you.

Welcome and thank you so much for stopping by Miss Read Books. If you can't tell by now, books are my *passion*, my raison d'etre if you will.

When I was a child, my father would read comic books to me nightly as my bedtime stories. And during the day, my mother would regale me with tales from a childhood marked by a civil war, and of the wild things our ancestors experienced that blurred the lines between fantastic and fact. Storytelling has enriched my life since childhood, but at a certain point, I found I had disconnected from that love that had been fostered in me at such a young age. Of course, as is life, life gets in the way. I went to film school (shoutout #LMU!), made a lot of learning mistakes, graduated, promptly started working in the film & television industry, moved...multiple times, experienced heartbreaks (yes, several), fell in love, and so on and so forth. Life hit me and it had hit me so hard I had forgotten what parts of myself I cherished and wanted to nurture.

But as COVID-19 has aptly taught us, life never stands still. There's no ignoring the terrific challenges and tragedies 2020 has brought us, but it has been an affirmation that perhaps the best way to continue persisting in the face of audacious circumstances is to create meaning in the places you can. Thus, Miss Read Books was born. Reading is a joy I've had to reconnect with in my adult life, but it has been truly one of the greatest sources of joy and strength I've found during these difficult times. If you're a reader, you know the value in a good book lies in its ability to whisk you away from your current present and immerse in a world that exists between the pages (and your imagination). Miss Read Books is my attempt to curate the books that captivate, from the perspectives of women and non-binary femmes of color. Our voices exist, but too often does the world show us that it does not by stifling, erasing, and ignoring (you know, the works). But it's 2020. Women of color are brilliant writers, we've been writing, and we have diverse imaginations and perspectives -- Miss Read Books is here to celebrate and elevate that mission.

Hence, this blog!

When I was busy envisioning the future for Miss Read Books, I knew that beyond all else, I wanted to be able to provide a platform for women and non-binary femmes of color who write fiction (especially in the romance, sci-fi, fantasy, horror/thriller genres!) There are so many talented femmes who may just be beginning their career or establishing their writer's voice -- the blog is here to be a platform for them. Every month, Miss Read Books will be posting a completely original, short piece of creative fiction writing from a writer I think you should know in a series I'm calling #MissRead. We're committed to uplifting the femmes that pound their drum to their own beat, who aren't afraid to let their imaginations roar, and use the pen as a mighty sword.

Before I forget! #Shelved, the *official* Miss Read Book review series comes out tomorrow! The first title I will be reviewing is TROUBLE THE SAINTS by ALAYA DAWN JOHNSON. Y'all...I have some thoughts. Follow @missreadbooks on Instagram or Twitter to stay in the know!😘

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